“People who repeatedly attack your confidence and self-esteem are quite aware
of your potential, even if you are not.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

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Have you got an emotional knot waiting to be released?

A great therapist is like a masseuse, they identify the knots and massages through them.   You have probably felt the prolonged and bluntly frustrating tension of a knot or knots lodged in your neck or shoulders, it can be really irritating and painful. It feels like something terribly uncomfortable sits there and you cannot…


Business Mentorship? Is this the right time?

After a year of working closely with some of the leading educators in trading, cryptocurrency and property for the private sector I have come to interesting findings. I spoke and worked with more than one hundred mature students that invested in business courses, trainings and mentorships. And let me tell you, they are not cheap!…


Were you born to be extraordinary?

You go through life and experience adversities and you deal with them. You find solutions and resolve all of the problems. Often you are just repressing the past pains and stresses that you have no time for, no energy or willingness to deal with right now. You put a brave face on and you carry…


Why will unfinished business kill your dreams?

Each of us went through something in life that we are not proud of. It could have been an experience we don’t want to remember, it could have been a decision we made and we don’t want to be reminded of. If you still find yourself cringing when you think about this, it means that…


5 steps to put your boundaries up!

As promised in my last article I am going to write a bit more about boundaries today. It’s a broad and fascinating topic! But I will try to squeeze it into a short and easy to digest read. Being a counsellor I went through the whole journey with boundaries. From learning about them, through realising…


Would you like strangers to touch you?

I'm so angry and frustrated with myself that I feel all these negative feelings towards him! Since I have been working on myself and been aware of my feelings and actions more, that double frustrates me as I shouldn't have negative feelings towards people! So what's wrong with me? I must be secretly a bad…