“People who repeatedly attack your confidence and self-esteem are quite aware
of your potential, even if you are not.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

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5 steps to get you boundaries in place

As promised in my last article I am going to write a bit more about boundaries today. It’s a broad and fascinating topic! But I will try to squeeze it into a short and easy to digest read. Being a counsellor I went through the whole journey with boundaries. From learning about them, through realising…


Why do we all need boundaries?

I'm so angry and frustrated with myself that I feel all these negative feelings towards him! Since I have been working on myself and been aware of my feelings and actions more, that double frustrates me as I shouldn't have negative feelings towards people! So what's wrong with me? I must be secretly a bad…


Do you need to update your guidebook?

Oh my goodness! What a perfectly wonderful afternoon I am spending in the park! I often come here, open my laptop and work from here embracing the scope of nature around me, that re-balances me. So imagine, Sunday afternoon, 23degrees, Londoners, but mostly probably tourists, are strolling down the paths and sinking in the spontaneous…


Think twice who you intend to model…

So I got terribly distracted by my reality and I stopped myself from moving forward in one particular area, writing. This huge passion and love of mine that accompanied me since I was in the vivacious year of four! Have you ever experienced the easiness of getting side-tracked by every day chores and errands, that…


You are the most important person in your social circle!

What happens when you decide to take control over your life? Everything goes crazily pear-shaped! And I’m not kidding! When I finally reached the point of understanding that my personal well being and satisfaction leading to happiness, derived from self development, self improvement and self growth, the only keys to an ultimate level of joyful…


You always have a choice! Don’t be a prisoner of your fear…

Yesterday I had a very interesting and empowering talk with one of my fellow colleagues. We were discussing the ‘blocks’ that we still possess that hold us back from becoming 100% transparent with who we really are on an open global (online) scale. This is one of the biggest challenges for life-coaches – to be…


Trying out & Happiness

Trying out – Every day is a school day… I humbly very much agree with this quote right now, although it was not always something I would reflect upon…In my 20ties I have adapted, a very (what I would now call) arrogant attitude towards life. I was leading a highly consuming and hedonistic, modern life-style,…


Relating & Happiness

The theme for our second gathering was ‘RELATE’ and indeed we had focused on the many impressions and avenues of relating. The first paraphrase that came to my mind was connecting, and this is the dominant factor behind setting up the Happiness Club in Jersey. Instantly I felt that the only way forward to bring…


The Happiness Club Project

Giving Our adventure with Happiness Club Jersey has started very quickly. Everyone was so excited to get on the wagon of contentment and additional portion of endorphins. We have met three times over the last three months and felt great, as we already knew each other from our counselling course. Although, we are very different…