“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”
Sigmund Freud

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Life Changing Programmes

All three programmes are bespoke and designed to assist and help you through your personal journey. Sometimes the journey needs to be instigated by a completely unrelated and unbiased person who will keep you accountable.

You will talk – I will listen. You won’t be judged or compared with others. We will work together. Through your commitment and dedication your life will start changing and you will begin a journey that will take you as far as you will be prepared to go.

I am excited to hear from you! Life will never be the same and you are going to love it! Remember, I was once there and someone else helped me to turn my life around, now I wish to share that knowledge with you.

Total Transformation – 6 months

This is the most powerful and most intense plan. You are going to commit to 24 one hour Skype (or in person) sessions with your personal coach – myself. You will have access to contact me once a week via text, phone or Skype for a quick catch up on how you are getting on.

This programme is for you if you are emotionally ready to welcome massive changes on all dimensions of your life, changes that will transform your life forever to the extent you hadn’t dreamt was possible.

We will work on 20 different areas of your life, and you will be in charge of implementing the changes. I will guide you through it and will be there for you. I guarantee that your life will never be the same again.

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Optimal Transition – 3 months

This programme is for you if you wish to accomplish something that you feel you struggle with and you need a ‘push’. You are ready for the change that will bring about the new beginning into your life, new hopes and new resolutions.

We will meet either personally or via Skype 12 times within the next 3 months for an hour long session. We will explore 8 different areas of your life and you will be the one, who will take control and implement the changes.

I will guide you through it and I will be there for you. It will become apparent what you are really capable of achieving, you will move forward fast, as you will know where you are going.

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Clarity – 6 weeks

This is a 6-week clarity programme designed for you to identify the limitations that are holding you back. You will get empowered to take some actions and turn your life around. We will meet 6 times for an hour on Skype or in person.

We will work on 3 main areas of your life, relationships, career and health that need to be in tune for you to have successful and happy life.

YOU will come up with breakthrough solutions that will completely astonish you and YOU will know how to implement them.

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