“When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone.
Now I realize I should have been more specific.”
Lily Tomlin

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My counselling tutor Marilyn x

Aggie, you are an inspiration to all who meet you, as enthusiasm flows from you like water flows from a waterfall. When you spoke about starting up a Happiness Club in Jersey last year, I wondered how it would unfold, and if it meant everyone had to be happy all the time to keep attending. Well, what I learnt from you was that even on days when the sun wasn’t shining quite so brightly inside or out, there was still a choice to look beyond the clouds and to stretch our fingers out towards the happiness which was waiting just beyond that cloud. By sharing positive affirmations we were able to change the thought and thus, change the feeling. You had the skills and the ability to facilitate that group process. I’m so pleased to hear you will be continuing your teaching now you are living in London. Thank you for bringing people together in such a gentle and yet vibrant way! Warmest wishes Marilyn x


You were brilliant and we all loved your talk, I’ve learnt that to free it up I need to let it go and carry on, it’s ok to fail (that’s how we learn) just never give up!
Claire Forbes – Jersey

I would like more time to listen to you, this talk made me think, reevaluate myself, move forward, be positive. Roseanne Lewis

I now see how such simple things can change your outlook on life…Amy Le Moignan

I’ve learnt to not stay in my comfort zone, open yourself, even it is hard and difficult to start with. Keep your crown on with pride and go forward! Aleksandra

You remind me of a few very important things…thank you

I want to move forward! Anne Forbes


Agatha is one of those people, who has always inspired me. Everything she does, she does with 100% effort. I consider myself a very strong and positive person, although like everyone, I have bad days too. I am so glad Agatha is my friend, she is like a happy pill for me!

She influences me on a very profound level by the way she listens and asks questions. She helps me to see things (during the bad days) from a more fortunate and advantageous angle. After chatting to her I feel empowered, stronger, super-positive and happy. I literally believe that I can achieve everything and that is all in my own hands. It’s an awesome feeling! Thank you.

Natalia Warzecha, Zumba/Bokwa Instructor, Jersey.


I have been fighting depression and low mood for years. My doctor was always eager to prescribe me some antidepressants and I accepted that this was a part of my psychological make-up. Until I met Agatha, whose questions opened completely different doors to my ways of thinking.

Meeting her and letting her guide me by questions and applying some techniques, was so transformational for me, that I have been tablet free for the last 4 months and I don’t even need my sleeping pills anymore, that were part of my life for years!

Agatha helped awaken a new person in me, I believe in myself, I started taking advantage of my potential and skills, I never thought existed within me. I have changed so much, that I started dating and found the most incredible girlfriend ever!

Jeremy, Trust Company, Jersey, C.I.


Absolutely helpful, an essentially professional person, she helped me to understand, that certain issues (not necessarily created by us) do not have to impact our life. Agatha helped me to see my problems from a different, more positive perspective. I understood that dwelling on the past and overthinking had only hurt me.

I’ve learned from my own experience, where some people, very close to me, have treated me like an enemy and created a barrier of impassivity and rejection. Despite all of my efforts, I was unable to sort it out.

It was Agatha, who opened my eyes. Thanks to her I’ve decided to not waste my life on negative energy and appreciate my life and my loved ones, who I cherish the smallest things with. I understood that the only way to improve my interactions with others is to start from myself.

Conflicts and life’s problems lecture us on acceptance and finding new solutions. In circumstances like mine, people like Agatha become our wisdom and a signpost. They listen, look and see things from an unbiased angle and suggest techniques and methods that when applied, help us to live in peace with ourselves.

Gabrielle, Restaurant Manager, Jersey.