“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.”
Frank Zappa

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Relationship & Couple Therapy

I provide a therapeutic and empowering relationship process for both, individuals and couples of any configuration. A relationship can be affected by a variety of issues, including the capacity of creating and maintaining a positive and fulfilling bond with other people.

We will explore and look into your needs as an individual and a part of a couple, to identify what is missing for you and what is causing the challenge. Then we can figure out a way to achieve the desired outcome.

The way we behave as adults is vastly determined by our early experiences in childhood. Our relational and sexual template is established long before we are consciously aware of it, as we learn to replicate and follow or go against our primary model.

Another important aspect and often a cause of relationship problems is the inevitability of one’s evolvement and change. We all grow and develop and we seldom stay the same as we once were. Effectively, our physical, sexual and emotional needs will change too.

Change doesn’t need to amount to difficulties or the end of the relationship. There are plenty of ways to learn and adopt new ways of thinking and acting to continue and embrace a healthy and satisfying relationship.


Typical relationship issues may include:

Arguments / Communication Problems

Different Needs / Wants

Financial Issues / Career Goals

Co-Dependency Issues

Affair / Infidelity

Jealousy & Trust Issues

Cultural / Religious Differences

Children / Step Children / Families

Growing Apart

Seeking Help in Separation