“People who repeatedly attack your confidence and self-esteem are quite aware
of your potential, even if you are not.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

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I’m anxious, should I take Xanax?

Following from my very disturbed relationship in my mid-twenties, I started having panic attacks which were happening daily and they completely wrecked my life at the time. As my step-father was a doctor, I was diagnosed and prescribed Xanax almost straight away, without a consideration for any other options. I am not sure if there…


Why is journaling a powerful tool to use?

A few years ago I introduced journaling into my therapeutic practice and ever since I have seen more and more benefits of this activity for my clients. Not everyone likes to write. Not everyone is into sharing their thought process via written words. But hey, psychotherapeutic interventions are also not for everyone, and neither is…


Why do you need to remember to breathe correctly when you talk?

To continue from my previous article on how to communicate with an impact, I couldn't not mention the power of breathing. And even though, you must have heard of all these things I am writing today about, I still believe we do need a reminder from time to time... Breathing is probably, after body language, the…


10 Communication Tips to Succeed

How to communicate so your needs are heard and attended to? Ask the person when would be a good time to talk. This is an indirect invitation for someone to listen to what you have to say, yet at the same time you show your respect by giving them a choice and space to decide.…


Have you got an emotional knot waiting to be released?

A great therapist is like a masseuse, they identify the knots and massages through them.   You have probably felt the prolonged and bluntly frustrating tension of a knot or knots lodged in your neck or shoulders, it can be really irritating and painful. It feels like something terribly uncomfortable sits there and you cannot…


Business Mentorship? Is this the right time?

After a year of working closely with some of the leading educators in trading, cryptocurrency and property for the private sector I have come to interesting findings. I spoke and worked with more than one hundred mature students that invested in business courses, trainings and mentorships. And let me tell you, they are not cheap!…