Business Mentorship? Is this the right time?


After a year of working closely with some of the leading educators in trading, cryptocurrency and property for the private sector I have come to interesting findings. I spoke and worked with more than one hundred mature students that invested in business courses, trainings and mentorships. And let me tell you, they are not cheap!

People nowadays will spend money on anything that can elevate their wealth and potential of making them more successful and financially free. The financial freedom so widely advertised by most entrepreneurs that sell their products from the many stages at numerous events, is not as easy to attain as buying into another business training.

Yet, many of us fall for the promises and guarantees relayed to us by powerful speakers from the stage. We listen to their inspirational stories, often the hardships and challenging childhoods they had to undergo before eventually finding their callings and making a fortune.

This in fact is an amazing starting point for many as the story heard from the stage resonates with them to the extent of reaching the level of an emotional connection. And this is where everything begins.

Studies show that the majority of us buy things influenced by emotions, and especially if we connected with the pain incorporated into the selling pitch that is then turned into a strength and effectively success. We identify ourselves with similar experiences of others and we instantly believe we too can achieve the same results.

But why are there so many people that purchase the courses, invest so much money and still won’t be as successful as the people they bought it from? Why do they not persevere, continue and evolve the same way as their role model?

And now, here are my findings. Not many of the super successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they have spent a lot of time and money whilst sitting on the couch of their therapist or another specialist. They are not as transparent and revealing about their own struggles with depression, anxiety and many other psychological issues that were first preventing them from reaching the point they are at right now.

The secret lies in their mindset. The mindset is the first thing we should concentrate on before buying into any business course. As without well resolved past issues and the removal of limiting beliefs we will experience stagnation at some point of our entrepreneurial journey.

There is no training or mentorship in the world that will enhance your level of financial freedom if you won’t deal with your past and existing challenges first.

Your mindset is everything.