Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for Therapy & Coaching


Our Programs

The programs we use at Self-Love Clinic are bespokly designed to incorporate both, therapeutic and NLP/Coaching interventions. That means that our programs can result in much faster and profound effects than therapy or NLP/Coaching on its own. Hence, the process may be more intense and swift in comparison with other regular offers on the therapeutic and coaching market.



Fees are arranged as per the information on our website. Please note that our fees are not fixed and occasionally we allow for negotiations based on individual circumstances.


Payment of Fees

The payment is paid prior to commencing of the program or the first session. The payment can be made by a bank transfer, direct debit, debit/credit card or cash and is non-refundable. At individual circumstances a discretion is applied to discuss and arrange a bespoke option of payment.


Private Medical Insurance

We currently do not co-operate with any medical authorities; hence, we do not provide our services under the PMI reimbursement scheme.


Cancellation policy

At Self-Love Clinic we accept re-scheduling of a canceled appointment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. 48 hours notice is required for re-scheduling of any session delivered via Skype and 7 days of notice is required for any session delivered in person. Where there is less notice, or you fail to attend your appointment, you will lose the session. In exceptional situations, when you were not able to notify us earlier to re-schedule your session in person, a Skype session might be offered to you at a different time.

The therapist or coach will endeavour to give you as much advance notice as possible in terms of holidays or of any need to cancel a future appointment.

If you have any questions, with regards to our Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



 The option of journaling is open to you on a daily basis and is usually responded to within 24 hours window, unless there are individual arrangements in place.

The journaling data is stored on a safe server supported by password and is shared between the therapist/coach and the client exclusively, The same rules of sharing the data apply as listed in the Privacy Policy. Hence, some content might be deemed for disclosure should the client reveal any details consistent with the attempt to harm themselves or others, and this is the only exemption for Self-Love Clinic Ltd to consider breaching of the confidentiality.