Difficult relationship with my daughter


Leanne, 51, Teacher, Kent, 2020

I found Agatha online when searching for a solution to the difficulty in my relationship with my daughter. Fortunately, my daughter was on board too, and so we had online counselling together.

Agatha gave lots of practical tips, alongside the counselling, for example relating to communication with other people – and how to better facilitate difficult (or, in fact any) communication. This tool has been helpful, not only in my relationship with my daughter, but in other situations too. For me, personally, something which struck a chord was the difference between ‘expectations’ and ‘intentions’. It is subtle but very impactful when shifting gear from one to the other. Also remembering that we are not responsible for the actions of other people, but only our own responses to them.

My daughter and I ironed out several things which needed to be said, in an environment that was safe. Agatha is very professional in keeping the dialogue open and honest and she ensures that both parties are given fair ‘air time’ whilst treating each without bias. She listens carefully and picks up on areas that need further investigation.

I can highly recommend Agatha, and only wish that we had been able to meet in person (our sessions were online). I have kept her details and would certainly consult with her again for any future issues too.