Family issues and job loss increased my depression and alcohol intake


Adam, 52, Financial Consultant, Wiltshire, 2021

 Having recently lost both my parents, also dealing with complex family issues and experiencing two unexpected work redundancies, alongside bringing up a young family I found myself increasingly more depressed and turning to alcohol as an escape to feel less unhappy. I had moved into a place where I had self-rationalised this as being normal and ok, given the circumstance of life around me. As a person that enjoys being fit and generally self-disciplined, I found myself feeling increasingly lost and de-motivated, and with the drinking came hangovers, weight gain, lack of self-confidence and a diminished sense of humour.

Working with Agatha equipped me with the psychological and spiritual tools to uncover many of the root causes and emotional triggers that were leading me to self-limiting habits and behaviours that I had developed over many years. I was able to face these in a systematic and personally meaningful way that meant I could adopt new ways of tackling what it was that was making me un-happy and overcome this, and to do so incrementally over time. There were some quick wins and some changes understandably needed a longer term to resolve.

I successfully quit drinking for a month and have done this twice now, breaking an almost 30 year habit. My drinking is much more in control, it can sometimes still be a battle though its one I know I can win now. I have also taken much more control over many aspect of my life and stripped back many of the self-limiting thoughts and behaviours that had been an unconscious part of me and the decision I had made for years. I have achieved many more of things I wanted to get from life and found new ways to give back and help others. I overall feel a much greater level of self-awareness and am conscious to the influences that lead to my decisions. Most of all I have found a greater level of acceptance, peace and positivity with the challenge’s life puts our way. I cannot recommend working with Agatha enough to anyone looking to make lasting, positive changes to their life.