I felt stuck and lacked clarity in my life


Natasha, 32, Consulting, London, 2018

I decided to get in touch with Agatha after getting to a point in my life following a breakup and a job change where I just felt very stuck and lacking purpose. I was feeling empty and confused about where my life was going, feeling like I failed both in my professional and romantic lives. I was finding little purpose in the things I was going day to day, not clear about why I was doing things I was doing, and as a result lacking motivation to do even basic things like look after myself. I couldn’t figure out exactly why I was feeling this way and what specific steps I could take to change things around.

Working with Agatha really helped me organise my thoughts and get to the bottom of my emotional state. She helped me look at things from a different perspective, discover my deeper strengths and weaknesses, and start appreciating and accepting myself as I am. This helped me shift my focus towards many exciting things that future can bring, and most importantly all in my control to make happen, rather than being stuck on current problems. Within a couple of months, I started to feel much stronger mentally and started to gradually gain back my energy and motivation. With Agatha’s encouragement and support, I took some long overdue steps to change my job, set my long-term life goals, and most importantly establish boundaries for what I am, what I’m not and what I want in life. The process with Agatha has given me reference points for all future aspects of my life. I understand more clearly what environment I need to create for myself at work, in romantic relationships and socially. I now have a new exciting job lined up, and am on the recovery path from an abusive relationship. It’s been a massive turnaround and I look forward to gaining my energy and motivation back 100%.

I highly recommend Agatha. She’s very professional, extremely knowledgeable, easy to connect with and maintains an amazing positive attitude, which is contagious. Sessions with Agatha are always very insightful, time flies by very quickly, and she has a talent to connect with people naturally, adding humour and positivity to every conversation. I picked up a lot of very useful insights and techniques that I now apply with myself and have even shared with my friends and family. Thank you, Agatha!