I suffered from feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness


Ayla, 27, Lawyer, Hampshire, 2021

Before I started my journey with Agatha, I had faced several life challenges which cumulatively left me at a low point where I often felt emotionally/mentally exhausted. I had a poor relationship with myself as being diagnosed with two STIs left me with feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness. Similarly, I had an unhealthy relationship with others, in particular my family where I constantly sought their approval and subconsciously relied on them to guide me and influence my life choices. My low self-esteem affected every aspect of my life, all the way from my outlook on life to every relationship I had, including friendships and my once healthy relationship with my boyfriend.  

Agatha helped transform my life where instead of playing the victim, I was able to empower myself and determine my own future. 

We unpicked my childhood and exposed the deep-rooted origins of my issues. Then once I developed this awareness and acceptance of why I and others reacted the way we did, I could then de-weaponize their actions and improve my own. Agatha helped me build a healthy relationship with myself where I developed skills for self-love, acceptance and trust. She shifted my perspective on life events, so instead of viewing them as hardships I was able to use them as learning experiences which would help mould and strengthen my character. We worked on ways to identify and deal with my emotions so I wasn’t as emotionally labile. 

Agatha helped me free my authentic self so that I could live my life how I felt right. She inspired me to start the lifelong journey of self-development so I that I can work towards becoming the best version of myself. 

It was a pleasure working with Agatha and I would highly recommend it as she is a genuine, loving and professional psychotherapist.