The Happiness Club Project



Our adventure with Happiness Club Jersey has started very quickly. Everyone was so excited to get on the wagon of contentment and additional portion of endorphins. We have met three times over the last three months and felt great, as we already knew each other from our counselling course. Although, we are very different individuals, coming from completely varied life paths, we share one common theme – we all want to help and make a difference to one’s life. This sameness in an objective is a massive driving factor to our Club in Jersey.

Giving – We discussed many aspects of giving at length and came up with countless possibilities of executing this wonderful trait on a daily basis. Firstly our own commitment and unwritten contract to follow the movement, was giving in itself! We decided to give some part of our free time to others, to share, to enjoy, to grow! And I must tell you, this is not an easy task if you think about this gathering a bit deeper…To actually allocate a few hours at the end of your busy day at work or during your free weekend, which you could spend with your family, is a form of a massive dedication, especially since our professional lives are taking over our personal ones.

We are tired, we are overwhelmed, we are mentally exhausted and we are still giving, all the time, each day, hour, second. We give unconsciously, we give without the perception that we are actually giving, we even give when we don’t really want to, but we do. We give from the moment we are awake, throughout our day until we go to sleep. And even then we give, but for a change to our bodies, the time to rest, however, our thoughts will still be occupied by others, subconsciously manifesting throughout ours dreams… Did you ever think about it that way? We give our time, our knowledge, our expertise, our feelings to our children, family, friends, work colleagues, business partners, competitors, strangers and those who we do not like as well. We give to all of these people through our attention, awareness, courtesy, curiosity and care. Because we are humans…

I think that making ourselves more aware of these facts of constant giving, can make us feel a bit happier and content with ourselves, as we are so harsh and critical towards our own souls and spirits…We constantly strive for more and better and we tend to overlook how much we already have and do, we need to learn to be kind to our own self to be able to channel these qualities to others and then receive them back through the circle of attraction. Consequently, we will realise that giving happens on many dimensions, material, emotional, spiritual…noticing that this is happening all over, around and within us will encourage us to give even more but more mindfully, unconditionally and gratefully, that will open us on more positivity coming back our way…