Why should you try a new thing every day?


Trying out – Every day is a school day…

I humbly very much agree with this quote right now, although it was not always something I would reflect upon…In my 20ties I have adapted, a very (what I would now call) arrogant attitude towards life. I was leading a highly consuming and hedonistic, modern life-style, where focus on promotions and materialistic possessions, was almost always, the driving force behind my life choices and decisions.

Achieving more and more was the way I lived my life, and it was the way my then friends, lived their lives. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Until probably a few years ago, when I hit a pivotal moment, where life just stopped me and enforced me to take time and reflect on what was going on around me. I took my time to think about it Seriously. I came up with this reflection.

Do I grow and then learn? Or do I learn and then grow? And how do I grow and how do I learn? In my case, the later option generated the answer.

This is a very fascinating topic for me, since I love learning new things in general. I love meeting new people, immersing in new tastes, getting to know new customs and understanding approaches and opinions, which are different to mine. Learning is an active part of our life, regardless whether we are conscious of it or not. I realised that we are seldom aware that we learn.

I am quite an indolent person and really addicted to the life of pleasure, but I love stimulating my grey cells as much as my idle approach permits. I know, this may sound a bit discouraging, but I am just honest with you. I can only work hard on projects and learn things I am really passionate about. All other stuff that I need to know, study or practice is very hard work for me. So, one can only imagine that school was a rather difficult time for me, especially in post-communistic Poland, where everyone had to learn rigidly what the system had ordered. Nevertheless, I did it because I had to, but only to the extent I really necessarily had to.

However, as you probably agree, we come across things like these throughout our lifespan on many occasions. I still struggle to focus on them, I struggle to absorb them, but what I do now, is I evaluate if I need to know them or not, and how knowing them will improve or ease off my life. I no longer have to do it, and the opportunity to make this choice is beautiful!

After all those years of being oblivious and ignorant to the facts of the way that knowledge comes to fruition, I eventually changed. I was struggling for years and years by resisting my own growth (unknowingly), by accepting the inevitable changes that would allow the expansion to happen. Now I know that I was scared to leave my comfort zone.

I went through a long, painful but thorough process to achieve that. From being resistant to changes, through accepting my fears and understanding that this is the only way to learn. Eventually I welcomed discomfort and struggles with open arms knowing that my mental maturation will follow. I discovered a beautifully unfolding process of deeper understanding and meanings and I learnt so much about myself.

When we discussed the topic of learning new things during our recent Happiness Club gathering, we all, for some reason, concentrated on our careers and workwise learning. Some of us are going through some massive changes at work; some are learning completely new things to do something radically different. The ability to share all those facts is so vital! Being able to share this with other human beings, whom you trust, like or even love is often underestimated.

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to write about this and that I can share this with even more people, from so many places! I cannot stop praising the internet and its amazing power of transmission and inspiration. Without it I would be deprived from meeting so many absolutely amazing and extraordinary people from around the world, who I can learn from every day of my life and keep growing!