Were you born to be extraordinary?


You go through life and experience adversities and you deal with them. You find solutions and resolve all of the problems. Often you are just repressing the past pains and stresses that you have no time for, no energy or willingness to deal with right now. You put a brave face on and you carry on as usual. You have been living your life like this for months, years or even decades.

Then you reach the point when it feels like all these hurdles have been too much and too long to just ignore. You had so many dreams when you were younger! So many plans and goals to achieve! But most of them stayed dreams and have been long forgotten. You took the others way, not your way. You listened to your parents, teachers, whoever had an impact on you and you followed their dreams, not yours.

Now, this gets you thinking…

You suddenly realised that the whole time you were doing what others expected from you. All that was broadcasted to you throughout the environment you grew up in. You don’t even know who you are anymore. You define yourself by your professional title, academic achievements, the job you do. But what if you were to lose it all or wanted to change it?

Who would you be?

Have you ever thought about this scenario?

I remember answering this very question accordingly with the job positions I was holding, and then when suddenly things changed unexpectedly for me, I didn’t know who I was.

How much longer are you going to levitate through your life?

It is never too late. As long as you are breathing you can change most things. No one is born successful. And as much as some people may be more privileged than others due to the place and family they were born into, that doesn’t determine their happiness or success. Although we come to this world as a blank canvas, our caregivers impose on us their beliefs and limitations.

But now as you are fully developed, You can either continue to cultivate the conditions of others or you could implement the ones that can truly serve and empower you, enhance the experience of life you are having right now.

You were born to be extraordinary!