Why do you need to remember to breathe correctly when you talk?


To continue from my previous article on how to communicate with an impact, I couldn’t not mention the power of breathing. And even though, you must have heard of all these things I am writing today about, I still believe we do need a reminder from time to time…

Breathing is probably, after body language, the most impactive element of communicating with effect. Breath carries the words and the way you breathe, directly affects the way your words will touch (or not) others. You can articulate the same sentence in a way that will either be left unnoticed, or it will make others stop and listen, as they will feel that you have something to say. The same sentence, said by the same person. Yet, with a very different use of a breathing technique.

When you own your own breath, nobody can steal your peace -Unknown

What you really want to achieve whilst communicating or conducting public speeches is, to get the most out of your breath. Allow your breath to pass on your words powerfully, so your message is not only heard and understood, but also it makes people think, perhaps even act upon it.

To achieve such results you need to be aware that there are two main kinds of breathing, a shallow and a deep one. Shallow breathing isn’t beneficial to you at all. When you use shallow breathing you are causing your body to stress, as the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen. Being aware of these mechanics, you can learn how to regulate your breath and control external stress factors. Hence, it is handy to know that.

On reaching the above conclusion, you are left with deep breathing, which if learnt correctly, will serve you well for the rest of your life. Breathing is an incredible tool we all already possess. However, if you learn how to use it effortlessly, it will not only help you to become a powerful speaker, but also it will assist you in dealing with stress and maintaining good health.

I am going to outline a few main points to help you focus on your breathing, that effectively will make a huge difference to the delivery of your message. And I mean, any message. The very important one, delivered from the stage, crucial information conveyed during a debate or presentation, or even the one that is whispered to the ear of your loved one at the end of a flirting match… It is entirely up to you when and where you will use these tips, the fact is, they do work, and they work magic!

  1. Firstly, learn how to breathe correctly Click Here
  2. Once you know how to use a deep, belly breathing, keep practicing it every day and pay attention to your breathing
  3. When you hold a conversation, remember to stop and take a breath, on the exhalation your words will be carried out confidently and powerfully
  4. Take a deep breath when you ask a question and slowly inhale the air whilst allowing your interlocutor to be engaged in the dialog. If you won’t stop, your partner will get bored or tired of your monologous speech and their concentration will soon disappear
  5. Make pauses, breaks, modulate the tone of your voice. Tonation is responsible for 38% of communication! In order to do so, you need to breathe properly (i.e.: deeply), otherwise your voice will become monotonous and flat and your listeners will lose their focus very quickly
  6. Also, always remember that having a correct, straight posture (either seated or standing) will allow your lungs to fill with air much easier and deeper, which will cause your voice to sound clearer and transparent
  7. So pay attention to your breathing and practice it mindfully. You can do it anywhere, literally wherever you can. And you will soon notice a difference

Thank you for reading

Agatha x

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