Why is journaling a powerful tool to use?


A few years ago I introduced journaling into my therapeutic practice and ever since I have seen more and more benefits of this activity for my clients.

Not everyone likes to write. Not everyone is into sharing their thought process via written words. But hey, psychotherapeutic interventions are also not for everyone, and neither is coaching or mentorship.

Anyhow, if you are into writing or even consider giving it a go, remember: don’t have expectations, just go with the flow and allow yourself to experience the power and liberty that comes with the written word. Allow yourself to stumble across stagnation, not-knowingness, uncertainty. Writing can be hard, intimidating, frustrating, embarrassing, boring, but it too can be enlightening, freeing and inspiring! Seeing all this darkness, confusion, dubiousness in front of you means one thing, you let it out. And this can be insanely huge!

Some people write a lot. Some are satisfied with a very modest transmission of encounters.

As writing is an incredibly individual craft, nothing can be ever wrong or not good enough with it. Everything is just as it should be, at least in journalling, which is designed to remain private and confidential.

So why do I add the option of journaling into my practice?


  • It allows for the therapeutic process to flow faster. When you are seeing a therapist once a week or bi-monthly, your time spent on self-improvement is very limited. When you add journaling, to which you have 24/7 access, the time spent on self-work radically rises. And it is entirely up to you how much time you want to commit to writing and hence, how fast you wish to progress
  • When you write down (manually or digitally) what you hold in your mind, you immediately create a space. All these thoughts, doubts and ideas that have been squashed inside your brain (often for years) can jam your mind with overwhelm and confusion. Once this is written and you can look at it with your own eyes, you can compartmentalise and make sense of many things that were previously unavailable to be seen clearly
  • Your sleep will improve dramatically as your mind is clear, especially if you routinely write before your bedtime. Otherwise, as you perhaps experienced it before, the racing mind will ramble for hours keeping you wide awake and restless. Consequently, when you sleep better, you will perform better and your brain will increase its capacity to process information whilst dealing with life challenges the next day
  • It is a form of self-care and self-love. Whilst writing you allow yourself to access the terrains of your mind often repressed or pushed to a corner by ever so busy traffic. Did you ever check how much information a human’s brain is able to process per second? Google it and you will be surprised! This is why writing down a certain amount of this daily gathered data, will work as decluttering and will utilise your brain with a clear space to rest and recover
  • It provides you with a fresh perspective. Figuratively speaking, words and ideas crumbled inside your head look very different when are written down. Much different in fact. You can come to so many conclusions and resolutions without ever asking for help. Just take a few minutes, write your thoughts down and look at them from a distance. With some practice you will be able to see the answers in no time
  • It permits you to accelerate the process of a topic that requires more attention. Of course, we do go through limitless amounts of unfinished businesses etc in therapy or coaching sessions, however, what if you still need to talk about the same subject? Sometimes you may feel that you don’t want to discuss this over and over with your therapist or friend, so here is the solution. Write about this as much as it is needed until it is all out. And then write some more. And more, until is over

I could continue with the benefits of writing forever, perhaps because I love it, but seriously if you want to speed up the processing of something challenging that you are going through right now, just start using the free tool of writing. Transferring it from your head onto paper or a word document, whatever you prefer, will make a huge difference and will shift your perspective. Of course, it requires some effort and time from you, but what doesn’t? Think of how much time you waste on thinking about these things? You have a choice of either stewing on these racing thoughts inside your head or giving yourself a break by letting it all out…

Thank you for reading

Love & Light

Agatha x