“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”
Sigmund Freud

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Hello and welcome at Self-Love Clinic

Change is good

Having a philosophical background I keep my mind open to what constantly unfolds around me. I believe that we all came to this world with a purpose and message to deliver. We are here to learn and we are here to teach. No encounter is accidental or useless. Each person crosses paths with us for a reason. Nothing is permanent. We can learn anything at any age. We are the only limit for ourselves. And they are just some of my beliefs…

Whist studying psychology and psychotherapy I discovered NLP and coaching. At the time when I needed it the most, I came across a practitioner that was using both, the counselling & coaching approaches, which was a real game changer for me! And he was a real person, with a real past and authentic self. The connection and the process helped me to move forward so much faster than any other therapy or coaching would ever done alone. Today I advocate this model and share it with my clients.

There is no one model when it comes to an individual! You are an exceptionally unique example of human being, to be exact 1 in 7.5 billions! And this is how I see you and this is how I will work with you. We meet and we talk and the conversation unravel as we go. We create a connection based on acceptance, reflection and empowering dialog which allows healing and growth. There is no judgement and no criticism, yet there might be a challenge.



There are no limitations in our lives, unless we decide there are.

Change is good

My ‘game changing’ therapy and coaching are all about you. You are the expert on yourself, there is no other person in this world that knows you better than you do. You decide what you are going to share, work on and improve. And then I will show you the greatness within you, the limitless potential and drive that you might be unable to see it right now. And then others will see it too. Trust, discretion and confidentiality are imperative parts of the process.

I hold the belief that we all try to make the best decisions at the time the decision needs to be made, with the knowledge and resources that are available to us at the time. Only later on we may learn that our decision might have been not the best one, or even a bad one. The past is the past, we cannot change it, yet we can choose how we feel about it.

My clients come from all walks of lives, but they have something in common. They are extraordinary! Although at the time of our first meeting they may feel far away from extraordinary, they re-connect with their inner powers during the process. Our relationship empowers them to achieve. And they achieve big, and they fly! And I fly with them as this is the biggest reward to see the birds flying the nest!

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me – Carol Burnett