“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.”
Frank Zappa

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Mother-Daughter Process

Mother-Daughter relationship. One of the most pivotal ones, yet still often contaminated by generational trauma and ongoing conflict. It can affect mother-daughter, step-mother-step-daughter, mother in law – daughter in law or any structure of extended or adoptive family.

As humans we are designed to relate and co-exist in different environments, not just to survive, but also to enjoy our lives, develop as individuals and thrive.

However, sometimes our relationships with significant others are challenging and difficult. The emotions of shame, guilt and feelings of not being good enough cause us a great deal of pain and distress. Consequently we block our growth and experience stagnation in seemingly unrelated areas of life and therefore self-sabotage our own happiness without even knowing it.

This process can be entered by an individual or a couple of people interested. It is designed to help you understand the generational conflict and its consequent behaviours and reactions. Once you become aware of the roots and causes of your problems, you will have a choice to make in the way you continue responding.

We can learn how to listen and communicate to be heard. We can learn how to replace our old lernt beliefs and patterns of behaviour with new ones, that can serve us positively rather than disempower us. We can become the change we wish to experience in our relationships with others, as long as we are prepared and ready to change.